Embracing the Enchanting Journey


Meet Mystick, a charismatic soul hailing from the vibrant streets of Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica, with an Afro-Latina heritage that shaped her extraordinary path. From an early age, Mystick's innate connection to Magick flourished, despite being largely misunderstood by those around her. Fuelled by her boundless creativity and vivid imagination, she fearlessly delved into the realm of Potions & Brews, even when the mystical arts remained concealed from the world.


Mystick's existence became intertwined with a tapestry woven from Herbs, Numbers, Elements, Folklore, and Spirituality—an intricate tapestry that became her way of life, her beliefs, and her very essence. Along her journey, she encountered numerous mentors and guides who nurtured her craft, yet it was her fateful arrival in New Orleans that ignited the true power of her Magick. There, her roots took hold, and the seeds of her destiny were ready to sprout.


A decade later, Mystick unveiled her crowning achievement—the Apothecary & Events of MystickallyMe in Lithonia, Georgia—a sanctuary encompassing three essential facets. Firstly, she shares her Intimate Herbal & Elemental Sex knowledge, enlightening others about their divine selves, fostering healthier relationships with both self and others, all in a tantalizingly sensual manner. Secondly, she delves into the realm of Mental Health Mindfulness, offering Spiritual & Accountability coaching and guiding individuals towards healing through the transformative practices of deep breathwork, yoga, dance, and sound bathing. Lastly, she is the author of the Mystickal Nyammins cookbook, an authentic Jamaican culinary adventure celebrating the nourishment of body and spirit.


MystickallyMe Apothecary is a treasure trove where you'll find an array of edible and topical products meticulously crafted to build, maintain, and enhance your well-being, including your sexual needs and desires. Each product is infused with Magick tailored exclusively for you, an intricate fusion of Mystick's heart and craft. Embark on this transformative journey and embrace the happiness that awaits you. It's time to allow yourself to fully experience the enchantment that Mystick has to offer. Come, feel the magic within you awaken.